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ICL ADVOCATES that focuses exclusively in Cyber law and its latest trends. ICL ADVOCATES have been voted as the top Cyber lawyers in India through multiple platforms. Our Advocates have an insatiable thirst for success and know nothing but perfection when it comes to representing our Cyber Law clients.

At ICL ADVOCATES, we do everything different. That is why we are successful. We do not follow old modules. We question every aspect of law before following it and see whether we can change it for the better. We have a modern and progressive approach to law, our practice and how our firm is run. We believe that cyber law must conform and change as we change and for this reason, we constantly challenge the core and limit of cyber law.

Hiring Advocates at ICL ADVOCATES means you have hired entire team because we have morning meetings at which we discuss all of our cases and together come up with the best strategy to resolve your case.

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Lord, grant that I may be able in argument,
accurate in analysis, strict in study,
candid with clients and honest with adversaries.
Stand beside me in court
so that today I shall not in order to win a point
lose my soul.